Softspikes®/PrideSports Goes “4 For 4” On Tour

PGA, Champions, and LPGA tour winners all wear Softspikes®/PrideSports cleats 

BRENTWOOD, Tenn., May 5, 2014… Softspikes®/PrideSports, the world’s best-selling golf cleat brand and maker of the #1 cleat and insert system in golf, announces its sweep of this weekend’s tour events….where all four winners counted on the performance, traction and stability of Softspikes®/PrideSports cleats. Featuring dynamic traction, all Softspikes®/PrideSports cleats are designed to interact with the variety of playing surfaces while leaving the greens in pristine condition.

“Softspikes cleats are like no other on the market. Being the first company to develop, patent and introduce a cleat that “flexes” with every step the golfer takes shows our passion for innovation and making the game/playing conditions better” said John Hohman, Vice President of Marketing, PrideSports. “Over the last year or so, other companies have introduced copycat products….thankfully golfers worldwide understand and demand the true leader in the industry, Softspikes®.”

Softspikes® patented Dynamic Cleat Technology allows its cleats to be responsive to all terrains – Tee Boxes, Fairways, Roughs, Greens, etc – providing confidence on every swing of the club. In other words, longer drives, better iron shots and lower scores.

PrideSports was formed in January 2003 following Pride Manufacturing Company’s purchase of Softspikes, Inc., and its sister company Trisport, Ltd. of England. This acquisition essentially formed the world’s premier golf accessories company, as Pride and Softspikes are the world’s leading golf tee and golf cleat lines, respectively. Today, PrideSports is the world leader in the design and manufacture of cleats, spikes and receptacles for the entire golf footwear industry.


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