Chromax Introduces New Packaging For ‘Distance’ Titanium Core Golf Balls

Chromax Introduces New Packaging For ‘Distance’ Titanium Core Golf Balls

Ultra metallic 90-compression balls now sold in six-packs and 3 ball clear sleeves

BOULDER, Colo. – Chromax Golf, manufacturers and innovators of the patent-pending HVT (high visibility technology) metallic finish golf balls, is introducing new packaging for its 90 compression ‘Distance’ balls. Along with its box of 12, Distance balls will now be sold in a 6-ball box and a 3-ball clear sleeve.

Distance balls are approved by the USGA and the R&A and are designed for better players as well as recreational golfers. Chromax’s unique patented dimple design and high-energy titanium core reduces drag while optimizing trajectory, distance and spin. The Titanium inner core provides maximum energy transfer at all swing speeds.

“We tested the Chromax ‘Distance’ at a highly respected industry testing laboratory in San Diego and the results showed that at a club head speed of 90 mph, the total distance (carry & roll) equaled the major brands,” said Stuart Lin, founder of the Chromax Golf Company and inventor of the Chromax golf ball. “When Distance was tested at a field average of 108 mph, it outperformed the major brands.”

The icosahedron design with four different dimple sizes produces a low spin rate (2400 to 2450) RPM with most drivers. The trajectory starts from middle low off the clubface to middle high providing optimal control against the wind.

The soft cover allows the better player to shape iron shots with optimal spin and responsiveness on the green. The ultra-metallic illuminating color of Distance allows players to follow their ball flight and “see the line” when putting. Increased distance, better ball feedback and improved shot-making provides golfers with more confidence and helps to lower scores. For more information, visit

Chromax Distance Features/Benefits:
Inner Core
The high-energy large titanium core is made of a poly-butadiene rubber compound blend and molded to create superior feel, durability and elasticity.

Outer Cover
The ultra-translucent soft Durable Surlyn® cover provides soft feel in and around the green. The ultra High Visibility Technology Metallic layer helps reflect sunlight providing excellent visibility in all lighting conditions allowing golfers to easily track the ball in flight and on the course. The illuminating color assists golfers in seeing the line and improves putting.

Dimple Design
The patented 482-dimple design optimizes trajectory, distance and spin while providing optimal control.

Compression and Spin Rate:
90 compression and Medium spin rate

Price and Availability:
The Chromax Distance ball is available with a suggested retail price of $42 per dozen, $21 for a 6-ball pack or $10.50 for a sleeve of 3 balls.

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