Chromax was launched in 2007 at the annual PGA Golf show in Orlando. They love the traditions of golf but wanted something a little different, plus, they love colored golf balls. However, more than just a golf ball with color, they wanted something that would really enhance the game of golf. What they came up with was Chromax golf balls. The Chromax golf ball has a metallic layer that reflects sunlight like a mirror and its elegant colors add a little character. Easy to see and beautiful to look at. That’s what they were after. Of course, they also made sure it’s USGA tournament legal because we don’t want to change the game; they just want to make it a little more fun. The new Chromax golf ball is another such innovation. The patented reflective finish is so much more visible – on the green and in the air – that only the hard and fast traditionalist will continue to play the white ball. Its remarkable brightness on the green will save search time and sharply reduce the loss of balls. Its visibility in the air allows the golfer to watch the ball in flight and more easily correct his or her swing. The ball is also beautiful: Many end up on display.

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