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Dave Pelz O Ball 3 Pack

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Help identify the difference between good vs. bad putting strokes, and improve green reading. Every putt with an O-Ball provides valuable feedback about your putting. The roll reveals the quality of the putting stroke that hit it. After off-line strokes, O-Balls roll with a clear visual “wobble”. Fair quality strokes roll with slight “wobble,” and good strokes are rewarded with a “no-wobble” pure roll. Additionally, after good strokes, O-Balls show how well or poorly you read the break. The pure “no-wobble” roll of an O-Ball teaches two things: The stroke that rolled it was a good stroke, because a pure roll can only occur when the ball is struck squarely down the line it was aimed on. It tells you whether or not you read the correct amount of break for the putt.

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