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Winn AVS Excel

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  • Standard – Core: .590, Weight: 57 Grams
  • Midsize – Core: .590, Weight: 76 Grams
  • Jumbo – Core: .600, Weight: 126 Grams



A longtime bestseller, this classic black Medalist pistol grip uses our Excel material for a soft, tacky feel with minimal texture.  Featuring Winn’s original ‘Medalist’ pistol shape as well as the slimmer “Pro” pistol, Winn’s standard size putter grips are constructed of comfortable, tacky Excel polymer material. They are ideal for players with smaller hands or those who prefer a slim grip profile.

Year after year, this classic black midsize pistol is one of Winn’s most popular putter grips. This comfortable tacky grip with minimal texture is one for the ages.  Available in both soft, comfortable Excel and responsive WinnDry Polycord materials, the Midsize Pistol is designed for players who prefer a slightly larger profile. Due to its immense popularity, Winn offers the largest variety of textures, firmness’s and colorful, designs in the midsize category.

The jumbo size is Winn’s most popular for its stabilizing effects on wrist movement. This classic black model is much heavier than all other jumbos at twice the weight, making the clubhead feel lighter. The soft, tacky Excel polymer provides ultimate comfort in your hands.  The Jumbo Pistol is a true oversize putter grip, which helps stabilize your stroke by minimizing wrist movement. Most models use the soft, tacky Excel polymer material with one firm Polycord offering as well.

Product numbers M8WS, 68WS, J8WS